The Mares Phantom FV Speargun review

Mares Phantom FV Speargun

The Mares Phantom FV Speargun is a type of spear gun which needs to be taken into consideration before you go out to buy the different spearguns. You will enjoy the looks as well as the mechanical design of the speargun. The product has been manufactured by taking most of the mechanical engineers into consideration. … Read more

Mares Viper Pro Speargun

Mares Viper Pro Speargun

The Mares Viper Pro Speargun is one such gun in the market known for its simple yet drastic design. Any type of speargun has to take into consideration the following points which are the accuracy, speed, reliability, ease of operation and the last but not the least is the affordability. This is because the perfect … Read more

Mares Viper SpearGun Review

Mares Viper SpearGun

The Mares Viper Speargun – comes into different sizes as per their length and you can choose the one which fits you the most. The length is considered during underwater fishing since it is dependent on the height of the user who is actually going to use the speargun. There are mnay advantages of this … Read more

Mares Sniper Alpha Speargun for Free Diving

Mares Sniper Alpha Speargun for Free Diving

When it comes to design and reliability, the Mares Sniper Alpha Speargun often stands to out from the various spearguns present in the country. There are many who are professional in spearfishing and they have choosen this speargun. The main purpose of the speargun being so famous is that the speargun is around 75 cm … Read more

Mares Cyrano Evo HF SpearGun Review

Mares Cyrano Evo HF SpearGun

With and internal 11 millimeter internal barrel the Mares Pneumatic Speargun CYRANO EVO HF looks to be stealing the show in the market of spearguns. The speargun comes with an amazing ergonomic grip and the pneumatic function added to the spear gun improves the level of the product. The fact is that pneumatic spear guns … Read more

Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins Review

Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins

Why would you choosethe Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins? New shape of the greatly spelled ā€œVā€ blade prevents from the risks of slipping. The foot pocket provides with the qualities of comfort and to hold the foot. It gives more support and power to the blade at a same time. Product details The efficacy … Read more