The Importance Of Diving Flashlights

dive flashlights

While spearfishing is all about having a hunter’s instinct, knowing how to use a speargun properly and about being able to sustain yourself under water, a lot of people do not realize that it is also very important to be able to see clearly under water.

Many people who are new to spearfishing merely assume that they will be able to see as clearly underwater as they are able to on land.

Sure, certain water bodies can allow a lot of light to travel beneath the water surface, however one cannot take chances. For example, the deeper you go, the less colorful things become as a result of the lack of light.

It’s common sense that if you are not able to see your target clearly, then you will not be able to hunt your target, no matter how fancy your speargun.

One way to ensure that you see very well is to make sure that you buy the right kind of mask. If your mask does not fit you well, then you will experience fogging of the lenses, which obviously will hamper your vision.

Similarly a darker skirt on the mask will allow you to maintain perfect tunnel vision, which will help you focus on the target and minimize peripheral distractions.

If you wear prescription glasses then you can even get a powered lens for your spearfishing mask. That certainly would aid you to see better and eliminate the need for contact lenses, which often can be irritating to wear, especially under water.

The best way to ensure perfect vision however is to carry dive flashlights with you. They will be a massive help in areas where there’s not enough natural light.

Dive flashlights

As the name suggests, these are special flashlights that work very well underwater. They are really powerful sources of light that allow you to see much better underwater than you otherwise would.

Most flashlights come in pistol and lantern grip styles and you can choose either one depending on your personal preference.

A dive flashlight not only allows you to see better, it also allows you to really feel the true colors of the under water world, something you would not be able to do without an extra light source, as colors really seem faded, the deeper you go.

If you are diving at night, then it’s highly recommended that you take a backup light with you in case the primary one screws up. Imagine being stuck underwater at night without any source of light. Pretty scary isn’t it?

To make it easier, you can buy a secondary light that is smaller in size to the primary, for ease of carrying.

If you are diving at night with a partner then you can attach a dive beacon to yourself, which will allow your partner to locate you in case of any emergencies.

Being able to clearly see underwater is very crucial especially if you are going spearfishing.

Do not cut costs when it comes to buying a dive flashlight. If you run into any unforeseen problems, you will thank yourself for buying a real good dive flashlight.

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