What Are Diving Computers?

dive computers

While it looks like a relatively simple watersport, spearfishing has much more in store than meets the eye at first glance.

For someone who’s is looking from the sidelines, it’s nothing more than a bunch of free divers who are going underwater to hunt for fish. Little do these people know that there’s a whole lot of skill as well as technology involved in spearfishing.

Companies who cater to Spearfishing enthusiasts are constantly coming up with new innovations and amazing products regularly to make spearfishing a whole lot easier.

For example, in the last decade or so we have seen a huge amount of improvement when it comes to spearguns. Not only are they more powerful, they’re also more accurate and much easier to use.

The same can be said for wetsuits there are far more technically advanced today than they’ve ever been before. The technical advancement doesn’t stop at improving only pre existing products though; spearfishing manufacturers keep launching new products in the market to help spearos.

One such product is dive computers that have been the rage of late, however with any new product there is one question that needs to be asked – is it really worth it or is it just a gimmick?

What does a dive computer do?

Back in the day people who went hiking or sailing would use a compass to determine their course and to ensure that they were heading in the right direction. After all, it is rather easy to lose direction when you’re surrounded by nothing but nature.

The same can be said for underwater sports like scuba-diving and spearfishing. While using a compass would be highly inconvenient underwater, you do have the option of using a dive computer to ensure that you’re in the right place.

A dive computer tells you where exactly you are underwater, how long have you been there, and how long you can stay there? You can think of it like an oversized electronic watch that gives you simple information in a numeric manner.

For example it answers the above three questions by showing you the relevant information using three parameters – depth, elapsed dive time (EDT) and no decompression limit (NDL).

When you dive underwater you obviously need to plan it beforehand. One of the things you have to decide on is how deep you want to go. This is even more crucial when you’re diving with somebody else or if you are diving in a group.

It is important to stay with the group or the person you’re diving with when you’re underwater and if you don’t know where exactly you are, you will make things just that much more difficult for you.

On the other hand you also need to know how far away from the boat you are and a dive computer lets you zero in on your location by giving you the information you need.

Dive computer parameters

Depth is an important parameter, as you always need to know how deep you are underwater. This is because you want to ensure that you are sticking to the depth limits that you are used to otherwise you could put yourself in a dangerous position.

Especially if you’re diving without an oxygen tank, then you want to ensure that you do not go too deep, so much that you’ll have problems swimming back up when you run out of breath.

Many dive computers allow you to set a limit, which when crossed, triggers an alarm alerting you that you have gone beyond what you intended to.
The second most important information the dive computer gives you is elapsed dive time. Sports like spearfishing are very exciting and often when you’re hunting for fish, you can easily lose track of time, often to realize that you are running out of breath and need to hurry back to the surface of the water.

A personal dive computer helps you avoid this problem by providing you easy access to the amount of time that you spend underwater. Needless to say you do not want to spend more time than you’re physically able to underwater.

Using the above two stats the dive computer calculates the no decompression limit and tells you the exact time that you can stay underwater at the particular depth at which you are currently at.

All these numbers are easily displayed on an oversized screen and you can get all the information that you want underwater.

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