What Are Speargun Reels And How Do They Work?

speargun reels

From the outset spearfishing looks like a very easy ‘sport’ to somebody who’s not aware of its intricacies. For a layman, it’s nothing but taking a speargun and shooting it at the finish and for them, perhaps the only skill required seems to be the ability to freedive.

If you have ever gone spearfishing however, then you know that this is as far from the truth as possible. While you do need to know how to freedive there are a lot of things involved in spearfishing that might seem invisible to the untrained eye.

Take the example of spearguns for instance. There are so many different kinds of spear guns and all of them function on different parts and customizations that help the speargun give a better performance.

For instance, experienced spearos install extra bands for more power, change their spear gun tips for more efficiency and invest heavily in other sorts of accessories to make the experience better.

One popular customization that many people do to their spearguns is that they install reels on them. However spearguns already have a line attached to them by default, so why does someone need to install an additional reel? There are a few reasons for that.

Uses of speargun reels

It is rare to see many spearos spearfishing with an oxygen tank or any other alternative sort of air supply on them.

Most of them freedive using snorkels which means that they have limited time underwater in which they not only have to hunt the fish and reel it in but they also have to make sure that they reach the surface of the water in time, before their breath runs out.

When you use the default line on your speargun, you end up chasing and fighting the fish very often as it tries to fight the line in a futile attempt to escape.

When you chase and fight the fish you’re putting stress on your body and are likely to run out of breath much faster then you would otherwise.

When you run out of breath you have no choice but to reach the surface of the water to breathe in and depending on how well the speargun tip has pierced the fish, the catch will either trail you or the speargun tip will slip out of the fish’s body.

A speargun reel eases this job

When you install a reel on a speargun however, you instantly lengthen the amount of line that is available to you.

This means that when you shoot a fish successfully, you do not need to chase after it or fight it in anyway. You can safely go to the surface of the water to breathe and then reel in the fish using the extended line available to you.

By this time the fish probably would’ve already stopped fighting making your job very easy.

Speargun reels are especially beneficial when hunting pelagic fish and other fish that tend to stay towards the bottom.

By the time you hunt them and hit the surface of the water, they would’ve already worn themselves out and all you’d need to do is reel them up. Isn’t that amazing?

No need to chase after them and no need to fight. This itself is the biggest reason why anyone should install a speargun reel.


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