Why Do Divers Need Dive Knives?

dive knife

Dive knives are an essential part of a diver’s toolbox. They are an important tool that any diver would like to keep with himself for his security and to ensure that his diving experience beneath the waters is trouble free. After all we cannot rule out the possibility of facing dangerous situations when one is diving into the unknown wild waters of the sea.
There can be many threats to the life of a diver underwater.  A diver may face a dangerous shark, some eels or other living sea animals that can often prove ominous. When a diver carries a weapon like a dive knife with him, he feels safe, and enjoys a certain peace of mind that he’s covered if any water creatures were to attack him.

Apart from dangerous sea creatures, sometimes a diver might find himself entangled in a web of seaweed. Similarly, it is not rare for a diver to find himself getting caught in fishing lines. As is obvious, it would be difficult to get out of such a situation without anything in his hands that would aid his escape.
Dive knives are also useful to dig at the bottom of the sea in case such a need arises. For an inquisitive diver, a dive knife is essential tool.

Different Dive Knives for Different Purposes

There are different dive knives that are considered useful for different purposes. These knives come with different types of blades- serrated blades, straight edge blades, and blades that have an edge on both the sides.
Serrated knives look like small saws that are useful to cut ropes or anything made up of strong material. They are so effective that they can even cut the bones of a fish.
Straight-edge knives are sharp, and they are useful to cut anything that is made up of soft material. They are very useful when the diver is getting through thick fish lines. They are preferred over curved knives as they can be used for multiple purposes.

Uses of different kind of dive knives

Thus divers have a choice to select the knives that suit their purpose best. For example, knives with blunt tips are handy for divers who go diving merely for recreational purposes, as usually, they are unlikely to delve deep into the waters.
Knives with pointed tips are handy for divers who go for fishing, as the pointed tips make it easier to hunt various kinds of fish. Usually, the dive knife blades are made of titanium or stainless steel as these materials are stronger and have a long life.

Using the dive knives

When it comes to the size of a knife, smaller knives prove to be more useful than the big ones. Moreover, it is easier to carry them while diving into the water. It is also essential to have a proper grip for using the knives. Without having a proper grip on the knife, it is very difficult to use it effectively. That’s why knives with synthetic grips are more user friendly than others.
Dive knives also need to be maintained well to ensure that they last for a long time. If the knives are not cleaned immediately after the diving expedition, they get stained because of the salt water and will not last long. It is better to rinse the knives with fresh water and clean them with a dry cloth to provide the knives with longer durability.